Consolidate Defaulted Student Loans - A safe option

College Lending Solutions help borrowers that are partially and completely disabled get their loans partially or fully discharged. We will help fill out all the necessary documents that go along with this process.

We get our clients loans out of default but utilizing different techniques and programs that collection agencies don’t want you to know about or use.
A Federal Student Loan Consolidation allows both parents and graduates to enjoy a single loan with flexible repayment options. There are additional benefits to consolidate defaulted student loans with College Lending Solutions and they include one on one customer service, one payment to one servicer, the ability to lock in the lowest rate available and savings up to 50% on your current monthly payment. The best part is it is completely free and there are no credit checks.
We assist our clients by helping them resolve the many types of disputes that they may have with their student loans. We help with balance discrepancies, incorrect interest rates, IRS offsets that have not been reported as payments, identity theft and school closures.

We advise our clients to consolidate all their student loans so that they can have one loan, one low payment and one service. We typically lower monthly payments by 50%.We offer Default Student Loans with unique plans because of the ease and speed of application and approval procedures. With us you will definitely find it easier to offset the costs of your education with a loan while you study hard to improve yourself with your hard work. At the end of the educational period you will benefit a whole lot more than you would if you took out the loan to buy a car or a house.